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adventure one, act one, scene one

Each of you has been asked by your divine parent, at your Visitation or later, to meet at a certain address in Las Vegas. Who you are to meet and why you are to meet there were explained vaguely at best, and the responses basically boil down to "because I said so". However, this becomes a pretty convincing argument when the person saying it is a god/goddess.

When you arrive at the address, you find that it is a pretty rundown diner, the buzzing neon sign reading Penny's Open 24 Hr. Upon entering, you find the following people:

-An exhausted waitress whose nametag proclaims Hello My Name Is Izzie;
-A cook who glares out at the main dining area from his kitchen;
-A kinda homeless-looking guy sleeping in a booth, with a bottle poorly concealed in his coat;
-And an extremely beautiful woman with soft brown hair, who seems to be absorbed with her iPhone.

Izzie the waitress hands you a menu and walks away. What do you do?

[[EDIT 11/17: come on guyssssssss, get in here and post]]
Hey everybody I'm Trixie. (You should totally friend me too. I'm just as important as she is.)

The theme song for what's upcoming is:
"Things Have Changed"- Bob Dylan
(I will probably upload the song on mp3 tomorrow, for your perusal.) done!

A few things to consider (privately, not in the comments unless you really really want to share):
-Your character's history, which is a pretty self-explanatory thing to consider.
-Your character's Visitation, where they first learned of their true nature. How did their divine parent break the news? How did your character learn of their powers?
-If your character hypothetically found him or herself in a cheap diner at three in the morning, what would he or she hypothetically order?

The first stage will tentatively begin Sunday, November 16th. Sometime in the morning, probably.


Hosnap! :D

You have my Paper, oh might SL. How about you help me out with the crap I don't quite remember?

Name: Bennu Phoen
Gender: Female. [boooobs]
Age: What was it, 26?
God: That one guy.
Pantheon: Egyptian, what have you.
Nationality: Uh..? I don't remember.
Personality: Must be in charge, must be the leader. Has a mother-like personality in the fact that she calls everyone dear, doll, honey, or sweetheart, but its more like patronizing then actually mothering at times. She has a slighty obsessions with birds.
Abilities: Like I remember what they all were. Help me out, SL.
A brief physical description: Tall, red hair, likes to keep up her appearences and always, ALWAYS, had her makeup meticulously perfect. Very curvy. Usualy wears dress suites or business wear. Blah, blah. I'm getting pretty lazy about now since I don't have my paper to copy off of. XD
Anything else?: CEO and founder of some big fat company or something.

je ne te reconnais pas

Post your informations here, using this handy template. I don't have to, as I am an NPC and the person running this already knows everything there is to know about me. (If you really want to know about me, the link to my personal lj is right there. But I can't imagine you'd want to.)

A brief physical description:
Anything else?:

A bientot! We'll be seeing you soon.


xcremebruleex: Shuichi Miyamoto (gtfomycake)
stupid_laura: Daphne Lyon (daphnetalks)
mandarr: Bennu Phoen
colonelinfrared: Balthasar Vega (nomnomxhearts)


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